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Robotic Vacuum Cleaners - Cleaning Technology of the Future?

The present robotic vacuum cleaner has unquestionably progressed significantly from those that were at first presented only a couple of years back. The more seasoned models were regularly cumbersome, utilized crude controls, and must be found when abandoned in the house by an irritating and relentless "Low Battery" signal. Probably the most recent automated vacuums accessible today .... read more

How is a Robotic Vacuum Made?

The design of a robotic vacuum essentially comprises:

1. The wheel system,

2. The cleaning system,

3. The electrical system and battery,

4. The control system: sensors and microcontroller, and

5. Robot navigation. .... read more

Robotic Vacuum vs Manual Vacuum Cleaner

In the quest of machines taking over human tasks, robotic vacuums have taken the residential homes by a storm. No longer do you have to spend hours to handle a manual vacuum to clean your house. You can just enjoy a lovely afternoon reading a magazine while your robotic vacuum does all the cleaning. But wait a minute, robotic vacuums are far from perfect! .... read more

Do's and Don'ts of a Robotic Vacuum

Robotic Vacuums are, undoubtedly, one of the most useful household devices of the 21st century. In theory, they can help you maintain an impeccable home without having to lift a finger. With the newer functionalities like laser navigation sensors and voice control, robotic vacuums are getting better by the day. However, in practice, there are still some limitations and .... read more

How to Keep Your Robotic Vacuum in Condition?

A robotic vacuum cleaner lets you do nothing by cleaning your house on its own. In return, our responsibility is just that we should take great care of its maintenance because this is the only thing it can’t do. If we ignore its maintenance and keep using it rashly then instead of cleaning dust and other stuff from your house, it will start throwing dust and make your .... read more